Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Walk

I took a walk from the office to the gym. It was a brisk 30 minute walk.

There was a time when I lived just down the street from the gym. I used to cycle to work about four times a week. It was a short 5 minute ride.

Since I moved to my current residence, I haven't walked this street in its entirety any more. The scenary has certainly changed - modern office buildings now dot both sides of the street where there used to be woodlands, and a much wider bridge has been built over the freeway. It feels so, industrial, so barren. The domestic-turned-wild rabbits in the area were long gone. Four new traffic lights have been erected, where there used to be none.

The walk certainly brought back memories of days when life was simpler. It was a time when thoughts were purer. Our only goals were to have fun when we were not at work. Cycling was fun. It was more time-consuming, but it was time that we had to spare. It was a time when our roaming grounds were a lot wilder. It was when driving was fun. It was when the area was less populated, and people in our company still worked hard on weekends.

I remember working 7-day-weeks for months on end, 12-hour days. Everybody was doing it as a matter of course. Now people take weekends off, and people complain about working long hours. What's the world coming to? Or maybe it's just better this way, now that many in the company have grown to be family folks.

The walk was quiet. Too quiet. But for the rabbits, the pedestrians, all 0 of them, haven't changed.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Black Foest Cake

Padon the stuck "R" key.

The fist Black Foest Cake I made last weekend was a failue. The cake layes wee too dense, and the ceam too soft. Exactly the opposite of the pefect cake.

So I got up yesteday at 6 to make anothe one. It's a diffeent ecipe, and this time I beat the eggs moe thooughly. I also used heavy whipped ceam instead of the egula one. The esult was a lot bette. The cake layes wee fluffie, but not quite fluffy enough yet. The ceam stood up, too. Still need to impove on the taste - the ceam can be a little tastie.

I'm sue by next May I'll have leant to make the pefect cake fo my wife's bithday.

Cooking is theapeutic.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


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